Moving out of your parents’ home and heading off to university is exciting — but it also requires a great deal of preparation. You’ll need to make sure that you bring the right things, arrive at an appropriate time of day, and recruit someone to help you carry your belongings. Here are a few things to do to ensure move-in day goes smoothly.

1. Decide What to Pack

Create a list of everything you’ll need to take with you. Base this on what you know about your apartment — for instance, its size, whether it’s furnished or unfurnished, and what exactly is included. To make sure you don’t forget anything essential, use the list your school provides, search for packing lists online, or ask friends what they’re taking.

2. Figure Out What to Leave Behind

Just as important as making sure you bring everything you need is leaving behind the things you don’t need. If you’re going home between semesters, you should leave behind any clothing you won’t use this season. In addition, decide what you can purchase when you arrive, such as stationery, cleaning supplies, and groceries. Add these to a shopping list and head to a nearby store soon after you move in.

3. Reach Out to Your Roommates

Your roommates may be your friends or they could be people your student housing has assigned you to share with. In either case, it’s worth setting up a group chat where you can coordinate your move-ins.

One thing to talk about is what each of you will bring to the apartment. For instance, you’ll be able to share between you things like a coffee maker, microwave, and vacuum cleaner, meaning it doesn’t make sense to bring more than one. You should also decide when each of you will move into the apartment. If all of you will be arriving on the same day, at least make sure you come at different times — as all of you trying to move your belongings in at once could be a challenge. Bear in mind that it may take you a couple hours to finish moving in, especially if you’re bringing furniture.

4. Bring Help

Ask a parent, sibling, or friend to come with you on move-in day to help you carry your belongings. Don’t bring too many people, as this will mean you have less space in the car for your possessions and may even make carrying belongings into your apartment more difficult. However, do make sure you have enough helping hands to carry heavy items.

5. Avoid Boxes

The problem with boxes is they create a large amount of waste that you need to find a way to dispose of. Storage bins are much more practical, as you can use them to keep your apartment tidy once you’ve moved in. Plus, they make moving out easier — whether that’s when you find better housing or after you graduate.

Before you even start thinking about move-in day, you need to have accommodation lined up. The most convenient, comfortable, and affordable type of accommodation is student rentals. St. Catharines students can find off-campus housing at Foundry Lofts. You’ll have your own room in either a furnished or unfurnished apartment with three or four roommates. You’ll also be able to meet other students in places like the games room, fitness facilities, movie theatre, and fireside lounge. Join the waitlist to be the first to hear when a space opens up.


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