A major decision when you start college is choosing between full- and part-time study. Enrolling as a part-time student will mean you have more time available for other activities, whereas full-time students spend more time in classes and dedicate a large amount of the rest of their time to studying. To figure out what would be right for you, it’s important to compare the advantages of both options.

Advantages of Full-Time College

The main benefit of studying full time is that you’ll graduate earlier, which means you’ll be able to start working in your desired field sooner. Whereas you may be able to find a related job now, it’s likely that your dream job requires a credential. Another advantage is that there will be a greater range of scholarships available to you if you maintain full-time status. If you’re awarded one of these scholarships, you may significantly reduce how much you pay in tuition. Finally, being a full-time student may be a requirement for your family to receive certain tax breaks, which would save you even more money.

Advantages of Part-Time College

An obvious advantage of being a part-time student is you’ll have a flexible schedule. You can create a class schedule that works for you, perhaps by having a couple classes a day or by packing a few classes into the same days and keeping the rest of the week free for other activities. This will increase your availability for work — and with a decent job, you could earn enough to pay for your tuition and other expenses while you’re still studying, meaning you graduate without debt. For this reason, studying part time can be a good option for students who receive a good job offer or are unable to receive any substantial scholarships.

Combining the Two Options

There’s no reason why you can’t switch between being a full-time student and a part-time student. For instance, you may like to take an opportunity one semester that means you’ll be unable to study full time (such as a research position, internship, or volunteer work). You could also end up becoming a part-time student if you find that one of your classes is particularly challenging and you need a lower workload or if you decide to drop a couple classes after it’s too late to sign up for others instead. On the flip side, you could decide to take just a few semesters full time to push your graduation date forward.

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