7 Kitchen Tips for Cooking at University


At university, you may have limited time, equipment, and funds to prepare meals, but you still need to keep your diet balanced and your tastebuds interested. Here are a few things you can do to improve your meals, even in the face of these limitations.

1. Use Your Coffee Maker for More Than Just Coffee

Whenever you need boiling water, turn to your coffee maker. You can prepare the carafe to prepare the classic ramen as well as oatmeal, rice, boiled eggs, vegetables, and much more. You can also reheat meat, fish, and other items on the bottom plate by wrapping foods in aluminum foil.

2. Save Some Ramen Flavouring for Other Meals

Every time you cook ramen, save a little of the flavouring packet. Just around an eighth of a teaspoon is enough to season dishes like pasta and eggs.

3. Toast Dry Ramen to Replace Crackers

One more way college students can use ramen is to fry the dry noodles on the stove. This can be a good substitute for crackers. Make your ramen crackers more interesting by adding some seasonings or sauces.

4. Allow Toasted Sandwiches to Cool Down Before Packing

A toasted sandwich can be the perfect meal to eat on the go, but if the bread becomes soggy, it’s quite unpleasant to eat. The solution is to allow your sandwich to cool down a bit before you put it in a sealed container. Otherwise, the steam will build up inside the container and then condensate into water when it touches the surfaces. The bread absorbs the water and turns soggy. If your toasted sandwich is cool when you pack it, however, you’ll avoid this problem entirely.

5. Substitute Butter and Oil with Mayonnaise

If you have something you want to fry but you’ve run out of butter and oil, turn to mayonnaise. It has enough grease that the food won’t stick to the pan and it adds some flavour.

6. Save Your Orange Peel

There are various ways you can use orange peel, rather than just throwing it out. For instance, you can make fruity tea by boiling orange peel in water for about two minutes. Sweeten the beverage with honey or sugar and add some spices to give it some extra flavour.

Another option is to use orange peel (or any citrus fruit peel, for that matter) as a deodorizer for your garbage disposal. Do this whenever you begin to notice unpleasant smells.

7. Add Fun Patterns to Baked Goods and Desserts

You can instantly make desserts more visually interesting by adding a fun design. Add swirls and lines with objects you already have, like toothpicks and forks. This is a great idea if you’re baking a batch of cookies to share with friends.

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