8 Alternatives to Travel This Spring Break


Although spring break is often synonymous with travel, taking a trip is far from your only option. If you’re unable to travel this year, there are several alternatives that can make for a fun or productive spring break.

1. Revisit Your Fitness Goals

If you had ambitious fitness goals at the start of this year but haven’t followed through with them, you still have the chance to get back on track. Start a workout routine you’ll be able to continue during the semester. You could hit the gym, search for fitness classes to attend, or create a workout you can do at home. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy to keep the momentum going.

2. Invite Someone Special to a Picnic

Take a picnic with someone who also stayed behind for spring break. This is a great opportunity to catch up with a close friend or have a romantic date. There’s no need to go far or do anything extravagant — just grab a blanket and some tasty nibbles and head to your local park.

3. Spring Clean Your Apartment

Spring cleaning is essential when you’re a student — and there’s no better time for it than spring break. Go through all your belongings to see if you have things you no longer need, organize your desk, and do a deep clean of your entire apartment. Having a tidy home will make you feel better and improve your focus.

4. Reach Inbox Zero

It can also feel refreshing to clean up your digital life. Delete all the emails you no longer need and assign those you do still need to folders, until there’s nothing left in your inbox. Finally, unsubscribe to any promotional emails you don’t want to make it easy to keep your inbox empty.

5. Search for Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re unable to commit to volunteering on a regular basis due to other commitments, search for projects happening just over spring break. For instance, you may be able to volunteer with kids or participate in a charity event. Not only will you feel satisfied that you’re using your time for good, you’ll have something to add to your resume.

6. Watch, Read, or Listen to Something New

Find a new way to keep yourself entertained when you have some downtime over spring break. You could start watching a series everyone has been talking about, pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read for a long time, or try a new podcast on a topic you find interesting.

7. Spend Time with Family

If you’re able, try to visit your family over spring break. Even if you can only go for a day or two, spending time with parents, siblings, grandparents, or cousins is always worthwhile.

8. Make a Vision Board

A vision board is a great way to think about your goals for the rest of your time at university, your future career, and all the other things you want to achieve in life. Create a collage of pictures and words that express your ambitions and hang the board above your desk where you’ll see it whenever you start feeling demotivated about your studies.

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