8 Goals to Set for Yourself This Summer


During college, summer can be whatever you make of it. You could just use it as a chance to relax — passing the days watching movies and catching up with friends. However, even though you’re likely to need some time for relaxation, dedicating your whole summer to chilling is a waste. A better idea is to use the weeks you have off productively. To do this, you should set goals. Some types of goals are particularly relevant for college students.

1. Keep Learning

Ensure your mind stays active over the summer break to make returning in the fall easier. There are a variety of ways you can keep learning, including by signing up for a summer class, taking online courses, or watching tutorials. Choose a topic that will complement what you’re studying at college, a skill you’ll need for work, or just something you want to learn for fun.

2. Take the First Steps Toward Pursuing Your Dream Career

Gain experience in your field with an internship. This will give you the skills you need to apply to better jobs once you graduate. If you’re lucky, you may even receive an offer from the company where you intern. In some industries, there are even remote internships with flexible hours, meaning you’ll have enough time to meet your other goals, too. You could even pick up more than one internship if you want to explore two potential career paths.

3. Give Back to the Community

Use your time for good this summer by volunteering. This will look great on your resume, especially if you choose something relevant to your career goals. As well as searching for projects near you, consider volunteering abroad for a few weeks to combine doing good with traveling.

4. Finish Some Books

Set a target to read a certain number of books over the summer. Add books that will give you insights into some of the topics you’ll be covering in your upcoming classes as well as books you just want to read for fun.

5. Find a New Hobby

It’s important to have hobbies you can turn to when you need to destress or take a break from your studies. Choose something you’ll be able to continue when you’re back at college, such as a craft or sport. You may like to consider if your college offers a related extracurricular when picking a hobby.

6. Make Some Money

Earn money to start paying off your student loans or to have extra to spend when you return to college. You could look for a temporary job over the summer, pick up gig work, freelance, or even start your own business.

7. Discover a New Podcast

Listen to an episode or two of some podcasts covering topics you find interesting until you discover one you’d like to listen to regularly. It’s great to have a few podcasts in your feed that you can play whenever you need to complete a boring task (such as cleaning your apartment) or for your commute.

8. Declutter Your Physical and Digital Life

Go through your belongings to see what you could get rid of — clothes you’ll never wear again, old handouts from classes, and other items that are taking up space. Next, move on to decluttering your digital presence. Delete old social posts, stop following people who are now unimportant to you, and update your personal information to reflect who you are today.

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