9 Ways to Create Your Perfect Morning Routine


If you’re not a morning person, getting up in time for early classes can be a challenge. However, having a morning routine can make a big difference. With the right routine, mornings could even become something you look forward to!

1. Sleep Enough

No morning routine can make up for a lack of sleep. Figure out how many hours of sleep you need a night and set a bedtime accordingly. Better still, having a regular bedtime and wakeup time will mean you naturally begin to feel sleepy and wake up at the same time each day. Bear in mind that for this to be effective, you may need to put screens away for at least an hour before bedtime.

2. Use Natural Light

Waking up to darkness makes it feel like it’s still nighttime. Incorporate natural light into your morning routine by keeping your curtains open as you sleep, opening the blinds immediately, or even spending a few minutes outdoors.

3. Avoid Hitting the Snooze Button

Set a limit as to how many times you’ll allow yourself to hit the snooze button — this could be once or twice. If you’re well rested and have a morning routine you enjoy, avoiding the snooze button will become easier.

4. Have an Actual Alarm Clock

The problem with using your phone as an alarm clock is it’s tempting to immediately look at all your notifications when you wake up. Before you know it, half an hour has passed and you’re still in bed. This can mean you need to rush to get ready for classes, which ruins the rest of your morning routine.

An added advantage to having a separate alarm clock is you can choose a style that works for you. This could even be one that has no snooze button at all. For instance, some wake you up with light or by vibrating your bed instead of using sound. If you need a push to get up, you could choose an alarm clock on wheels that will start moving away from you and around the room — this will also mean you start your day energized!

5. Meditate

A top choice for the first activity in your morning routine is meditation. This only needs to last five minutes and is a great way to clear your head or set an intention for the day. Use the guided meditations you find on YouTube or an app.

6. Exercise

Another idea for a morning activity is a short workout. This is likely to work best if you’re already a morning person, since it may mean you need to get up slightly earlier. A benefit is it will ensure you fit time to exercise into your day. You could do some simple moves in your bedroom, hit the gym, or search for fitness classes taking place near you.

7. Make Your Bed

Avoid the temptation to crawl back into bed by making your bed as soon as you get up. This will signal to your brain that the day has begun and you need to start being active.

8. Eat a Breakfast You Enjoy

As well as providing you with the energy you need for the day (especially for your first classes), breakfast can be a treat in the morning. Choose something that’s easy to prepare or even that you can prepare the night before. Ideally, it should also be healthy and filling. Pair your meal with your favourite hot beverage — as well as a glass of water to start the day hydrated.

9. Play Music or Podcasts

Add entertainment to your morning routine with music or podcasts. If you choose music, you may find yourself dancing. Podcasts, however, are ideal for learning something new or putting you into a good mood.

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