Affordable Travel Destinations for Students

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University and college students barely get the chance to travel, thanks to the competition for better grades and budget constraints. But just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you can’t travel.

Travelling during summer breaks is your best chance to unwind, relax, see new places, have unique experiences, and create lifelong memories. The good news is that you can travel as a student without breaking the bank.

Some destinations are affordable yet offer amazing experiences even if you have limited funds to spend. Thus, there’s no excuse not to rekindle your inner adventurous spirit.

It’s time to decide whether you’d want to spend your summer break in your Brock off-campus living facility or leave for an adventure spree.

Of course, we hope you’d choose the latter! And if you do, here are the top places to travel on a student budget.


While Bolivia is a popular travel destination for everyone, its inexpensive accommodation and commuting options make it an excellent place to travel to as a student. In addition, Bolivia’s colourful culture, fascinating art, and marvellous landscape are sure to leave you awe-struck.

You can live here for an average of $20 a day by planning your tour in advance. This amount can cover your housing, food, and drinks.


Ecuador is an excellent and affordable place for students who love seaside destinations. It’s a warm and beautiful region that welcomes tourists from across the globe. You’d love the Galapagos Islands, historical cities, lively marketplaces, and the rich heritage of Ecuador.

The best part is that accommodation cost is reasonable in Ecuador, and the overall security situation has improved in recent years. So as long as you’re careful with your money and travelling, you’re unlikely to face any problems.


If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean Sea but don’t have the budget to visit mainland Europe, Albania is a great alternative. It’s one of the few affordable travel destinations in Europe, thanks to lower living costs. This welcoming country will surely leave you with some incredible memories.

Albania is home to some great museums and art galleries, so you’ll get a chance to learn about European history and culture. Want to know the best things about Albania? Pocket-friendly accommodation and delicious gourmet meals! So, start saving money to fund for your (mini) Euro trip while you’re in college or university.

Panama City, Florida

Soaking in the Florida sun doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find some fantastic off-season deals and tick Panama City off your bucket list. This warm city by the beach has some world-class condos and resorts, but you’d want to live in one of the shared camp houses and hostels if you’re on a budget.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a good place for foodies and those who love grabbing special hour deals. In addition, you can enjoy water sports, participate in boat races, have beach parties, and experience nature’s tranquillity along the Atlantic coast without spending a fortune.

San Juan has many affordable hostels where you can live for an average of $15 a night. The best thing is that you’ll get the chance to meet other travellers and students from across the world and enjoy the local rum-packed mojitos.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is yet another excellent and affordable travel destination in Central America for students. You can indulge in many adventure experiences here without exceeding your budget.

The cost of living in Costa Rica is low, and you can easily find some excellent and cheap hostels to live in. Or you may choose to stay at one of the many affordable BnB lodgings that offer free breakfast. Travelling to Costa Rica from Canada is also pretty inexpensive.

Final Thoughts

Travelling as a student isn’t easy, especially when you’re under the pressure of assignments, coursework, exams, and more. But since travelling re-energizes you and allows you to have beautiful experiences, consider travelling during summer breaks, if not during your semester.

Since summer break is in full swing for most students, pick your travel destinations from the list above and start preparing for your adventure.

How to Prepare for Living Off-Campus

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On-campus and off-campus student accommodations come with their pros and cons. Some university students choose to live on campus. They find it more convenient because they live close to classes and can easily walk to campus.

While it is true that on-campus life may seem more attractive to new students, off-campus life has its own perks, which is why many students choose the latter. They do so because they feel more comfortable living away from campus and in a less restricted environment.

Off-campus life gives you the chance to live on your terms and be the master of your routine. You get to enjoy more freedom living off-campus than on campus. But you have to consider many different factors before deciding to live off-campus.

Here’re some essential tips to prepare yourself for living off-campus:

Consider the Costs

How much can you afford to pay for living off-campus? That’s the most important factor you must take into account. Unfortunately, students living in any type of accommodations are likely to underestimate their expenses, but setting a budget ahead of time can help you prepare.

Rent is a major expense, but don’t forget to consider utility, grocery, transportation, cable and internet charges in rooms for rent. St Catharines fortunately has plenty of housing options with all-inclusive rent, meaning that the cost of utility, internet, cable, and other on-site facilities is built into the cost.

Consider Including Roommates

While you can choose to live in a private bedroom, one way to divide off-campus accommodation costs is to live with one or more roommates. The cost of living would go down significantly when you’re sharing the expenses.

Of course, you don’t want to keep cramming in roommates to reduce your expenses. But a few people together can help everyone stay on budget and also have some fun.

Look for Accommodation Options Near Your University

Once you’ve determined how much you need to pay for expenses and whether or not you’ll have housemates, you can start looking for accommodation options accordingly.

It’s always a good idea to look for safe off-campus accommodation facilities near your college or university. Student housing properties near campus can cut commute time and travel costs. For example, if you’re a student at Brock University, you could choose one of the nearby facilities in St. Catharines.

If you need help with house hunting, you can also contact reliable real estate agencies to point you in the right direction.

Consider Transportation Options

In case your off-campus residence isn’t within walking distance from your university, you’ll also need to consider transportation options. For some students, public transport may be the solution. But others may need their own cars or bikes.

But buying a car can be expensive. Besides the upfront cost, be sure to consider insurance, registration, maintenance, fuel, parking, and more. These expenses, along with rent and living cost, may exceed your budget, so know what you’re signing up for and whether you can afford it.

Create a Chore Chart

Living off-campus will likely mean sharing a space with others, so you won’t be able to fall behind on chores such as cleaning and grocery shopping. Also, you have a larger space to look after, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and bedroom.

Fortunately, sharing a space also means there will be more hands available to help. It’s a good idea to create a chore chart to divide the responsibilities among everyone living in the apartment. Doing so will prevent conflicts and ensure that all the chores overburden no one person.

Know Your Neighbours

Most people living next to students expect some noise and parties. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a good neighbor.

Take some time to introduce yourself to the people living next door and give them your cell phone number in case they ever need to contact you. Putting the right foot forward will help you build a good repertoire with your neighbours.