How to Become a Better Negotiator


One thing you may not learn at university is how to negotiate. However, this is a skill that is often crucial throughout life, particularly when you enter the workforce. For instance, you may need to negotiate to gain good terms of employment or your job could involve negotiating with clients or vendors. Negotiating skills may also come in useful now, such as if you want to secure a better deal on a purchase or snag an interesting role on a group project at university. Learn how to negotiate better by following these tips.

1. Prepare in Advance

Whenever you know you’re going to be in a situation where you’ll need to negotiate, come up with a strategy ahead of time. Determine what outcome you’re hoping to achieve, where you’d be willing to compromise, and how you’ll make your case. Finally, consider how the other person could answer and how you, in turn, will respond.

2. Figure Out Alternatives

Think about what you’ll do if the other person denies your request. You should have ideas for alternatives you can ask for instead. Another option could be to find what you want from another source.

3. Take Things Slowly

When you’re anxious, it’s normal to rush through a negotiation — but this is unlikely to lead to a good outcome. Instead, deliver your argument calmly, take the time to listen to the response, and, if you don’t receive the answer you wanted, give yourself time to consider any counteroffer.

4. Value Yourself

It’s impossible to negotiate well if you lack self-confidence. Believe in yourself: if what you’re asking for is reasonable, you should feel that you deserve what you’re requesting. In fact, you may like to start the negotiation by asking for slightly more than you think you deserve — just in case the other person values you more highly than you do yourself!

5. Make the Deal Worthwhile

Instead of simply asking for what you want, explain why the deal would be beneficial to the other person. If you’re unsure about what you could offer in return, ask.

6. Accept a Refusal Graciously

If the person you’re negotiating with refuses your request and has nothing you’re willing to accept as an alternative, you may need to concede that what you want is not going to be possible. When it’s clear that this is the case, the best thing to do is move on — begging and pleading will only lead to resentment. Learn from the experience and consider how you could approach a similar negotiation in the future differently to see better results.

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