Life on Campus: How to Make Connections & Build Friendships


At college, it’s easy to meet people. What’s more difficult is to develop connections with the people you meet and establish friendships. In addition, it’s important to ensure you form friendships with people you enjoy spending time with, who value you, and who have things in common with you. Although it may feel challenging, it’s possible to make new friends at any time, not just when you start college.  Here are some tips to guide you.

1. Participate in More Extracurriculars

One of the easiest ways to find people who share your interests is to join clubs, campus organizations, and intramural sports teams. Find out if there are any groups for your favourite hobby or experiment with a new activity. Although the idea of participating in an extracurricular where you don’t know anyone may be daunting, this is actually the best way to make new connections.

2. Join Study Groups

Another place where you’ll have the chance to talk to people is in study groups. Find out if there are already study groups for some of your classes — if there are not, set up some yourself. Since you’ll be spending time with the people in your study groups every week, there’s a good chance you’ll develop friendships. As a bonus, you’ll also gain better grades!

3. Start a Conversation

In some situations, a conversation is unlikely to arise naturally — it’s up to you to start one. Although this may feel intimidating, you’ll find most people are happy to talk to you. If you’ve seen someone in your class or just around campus who looks interesting, find an opportunity to talk.

4. Reach Out Online

If you lack confidence, you may find it easier to start a conversation online instead of in person. Social media is ideal for this. Something simple like commenting on a photo or replying to a post in a group you both belong to could be the start of a new friendship.

5. Ask for an Introduction

You can also use your current friends to meet more people. Ask them to introduce you to their friends — if you share the same interests, there’s a good chance you’ll get on well. Plus, you’ll all be able to hang out together.

6. Go Out with Coworkers

If you have a part-time job or internship, become friends with some of your coworkers. During breaks or after your shifts finish are perfect times to chat or do something together. Some of your coworkers may not attend your college, making this tactic a great way to expand your social circle. If your job is related to the career you want to pursue after you graduate, you’ll also be building valuable connections in your field.

A great place to make connections with potential friends is in your student housing. The Niagara College student housing at Foundry Lofts has plenty of places to meet people, including a games room, movie theater, fireside lounge, and fitness center. Plus, your three or four roommates could all become your new friends. Apply for a lease now while we still have spaces available.

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