Should You Consider Tutoring Sessions?


If you’re struggling with a particular class, subject, or skill, it makes sense to receive extra help through tutoring sessions. Many students are hesitant to try tutoring for reasons ranging from embarrassment about admitting that they’re struggling to concern that even tutoring won’t help them pass a difficult class. If you’re unsure that tutoring would be the right solution for you, consider these benefits.

1. Your Academic Performance Will Likely Improve

The most important reason to receive tutoring is that it can help you gain better grades. Research has found that students who partake in tutoring sessions tend to have a higher GPA. In addition, they’re less likely to drop out of college.

2. It’s a Better Use of Your Time Than Studying Alone

Some students worry that tutoring will take up too much of their time, especially if they already have a packed schedule. However, you don’t need to make any extra time for tutoring: it can simply replace some of the time you currently use to study on your own. This means you won’t need to sacrifice another activity — such as extracurriculars, socializing, or a part-time job — to fit tutoring sessions into your schedule.

3. You’ll Stay Focused

If you struggle to concentrate when you sit down to study alone, tutoring could be the ideal solution. Studying with someone else forces you to stay focused and prevents you from giving in to distractions. It’s also more difficult to make up excuses to skip studying, as you’ll have agreed to meet with your tutor. Many students find that this accountability keeps them disciplined.

4. Hand in Your Assignments on Time

Neglecting to study on a regular basis will mean you’re unable to complete your assignments on time. Tutoring sessions will keep you organized, meaning you never miss a due date.

5. Study in a Way That Resonates with You

A good tutor will find out what your goals are and how you like to learn. You’ll use effective tactics to aid your understanding of the materials from class and target your weakest areas. It’s impossible to receive such support when you’re in a class with numerous other students, but one-on-one tutoring sessions are completely personalizable.

6. Increase Your Confidence

Tutoring will show you that a difficult subject is within your grasp and should give you more confidence in class. Plus, if you feel intimidated about asking a question during class or office hours because you’re worried the answer is obvious to other students, you can always ask your tutor.

Tutoring is just one way to improve your grades. It’s also essential to have a quiet place where you can work on your assignments and prepare for tests in peace. When you’re living in a dorm room, you tend to face constant distractions and noise, which makes studying extra difficult. The solution is to move into an off-campus apartment. You can find Niagara College student housing at Foundry Lofts. You’ll have your own bedroom as well as onsite private and group study spaces that you can use alone and with your tutor. Contact us now while we still have some rooms available.

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