Top Fashion Trends for Students in 2023


How you present yourself to the world matters. It influences how people perceive you, gives you confidence, and allows you to express your personality. For these reasons, what you wear can impact everything from your social life to your academic performance. To feel comfortable and stylish, it can be helpful to know what’s in fashion for your age group. Learning about the top fashion trends for students will help you prepare your wardrobe in time for the fall semester.

1. Trending Colours

The most fashionable colours in 2023 are pink and blue, as well as related tones like lavender and violet. No particular shades are trending among students — anything from shocking pink to pastel blue is in fashion at the moment. You may like to combine pink and blue in the same outfit for a bold look.

2. Crochet

Ideal for achieving a boho look, crochet is appearing in all sorts of outfits. Tones range from muted to vivid. As you prepare for the weather turning cooler, pick up some crochet hats, scarves, and gloves.

Plus, if you’re looking to take up a hobby, crochet could be a fashionable one to try — you’ll be able to make your own clothes and gifts your friends will love.

3. Ruffles, Lace, and Fringe

After several years, ruffles, lace, and fringe are back in fashion, particularly for women’s clothing. Ruffles work especially well for smart casual outfits, such as when you pair a ruffle-neck blouse with jeans. In contrast, lace tends to be mainly for dresses, whereas fringe is appearing in all sorts of outfits, particularly in vibrant colours.

4. Asymmetry

It’s possible to show off your unique side while remaining fashionable with asymmetrical clothing. Although asymmetry works with virtually any style, you’ll see it most in urban fashion.

5. 90s Style

Fashion trends from the past are always returning. In 2023, some styles from the 90s that are particularly popular among students are baggy or flared jeans, overalls, bike shorts, and chokers.

6. Early 2000s

Another decade currently trending is the early 2000s. Some styles to consider include tops with detached and off-the-shoulder sleeves, cargo joggers, and tank tops. Plus, metallic tones are making a comeback — and not just for nights out.

7. Vintage

Just about any era from the past is in fashion if the clothing counts as vintage. In fact, vintage is a big trend among college students because many are eco-conscious and want to dress stylishly without increasing their carbon footprint. Wearing second-hand clothes is a great way to achieve this — not to mention it helps you save money and gives you more opportunity to develop your own style than is possible when purchasing from chain stores.

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