Try These Products to Help with College Exams


For college students, exams are a dreaded aspect of classes. So much hangs on your performance in the exams and papers you need to complete. Studying for big tests is often challenging, but you can make it easier by purchasing the following useful products.

1. Pens in a Range of Colours

When you’re rewriting your notes to remind yourself of the material you covered in class, it can help to organize your ideas by colour. Plus, having pens in a range of colours will enable you to colour-code your agenda quickly to see what you should be working on.

2. Meditation App

Take care of your mental health before exams by downloading a meditation app to use on a daily basis. Whereas paid subscriptions typically offer a wider range of guided meditations, you can find plenty of free options if you’re looking to save money.

3. Water Bottle

Although you should include regular breaks in your study schedule, it’s easy to cheat and head to the kitchen for some water before you’re supposed to take a break — and who knows what distractions you may encounter along the way. Make sure you stay hydrated without needing to disrupt your concentration by keeping a large water bottle on your desk at all times.

4. Heated Eye Masks

If you struggle to fall asleep before a big exam due to anxiety, try using heated eye masks. These are great at helping you feel sleepy.

5. Scented Candle

Creating a habit for every time you sit down to study can help put you in the right frame of mind. A scented candle is ideal because the flickering flame is somehow relaxing and motivating at the same time. Plus, you’ll start to associate the scent with studying, which is useful for maintaining your focus.

6. Wall Calendar

Check when your assignments are due and the dates for your exams at a glance by keeping a wall calendar hanging above your desk. This will also be a huge help if you’re worried you may forget something important.

7. Plenty of Food

Stock up on plenty of food to prepare filling meals. The last thing you want is to need to order a meal when you have little in your budget left for the month or run to the grocery store in the middle of a study session. Choose meals you can prepare quickly and have healthy ingredients to fuel your brain and give you energy.

Equipping yourself with the above products is a good start, but you also need somewhere you can go to study for your exams in peace. A desk in your own bedroom is ideal, but you won’t have this if you’re still living on campus. A great alternative to Niagara College residence is Foundry Lofts. As well as having your own room, you’ll only need to share the kitchen and living room with up to three roommates. Plus, you can use our onsite study area — there’s free WiFi throughout the building. Apply today to secure the type of floor plan you want.

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