12 Quick & Easy Gifts for Your Friends’ Graduation

If some of your friends will be graduating soon, you need to start thinking about gifts. You want something special, but you also need to stay within your budget — especially if several friends will be graduating at the same time. The good news is you have plenty of options for gifts you can pick up easily for a decent price.

1. A Candle

A scented candle is great as a personalized gift, as you can choose different fragrances for each friend according to their preferences. Your friends will be able to burn the candles when they move into their new homes — and think of you.

2. A Mirror

Another option that doubles up well as a housewarming present is a mirror. Mirrors are less expensive than other decor, and you can find ones with trendy frames or in interesting shapes to suit your friends’ tastes.

3. A Planner

For friends who need to improve their organizational skills, there’s no better gift than a planner. They can also use the planner to make a note of the goals they want to achieve after graduating.

4. Hydrating Masks

Encourage your friends to take some time to relax after all that hard work by gifting them a couple hydrating face masks. This could be just what they need to feel prepared for an interview or the first day at a new job.

5. A Long-Lasting Tote Bag

Most tote bags are not made to last: you use them a few times and they start to tear or look tattered. One that’s both durable and stylish makes a great gift.

6. A Photo Album

Give your friends somewhere to store memories of their time at university with a photo album. You could even start the album with a few polaroids or prints of your own.

7. A Journal

If you have friends who love to journal — or would like to start — gift them an attractive notebook where they can jot down their thoughts. This will feel much more special than using a spiral notebook.

8. Sunglasses

You can never have too many shades! Pick out some that will allow your friends to graduate in style.

9. A Desk Organizer

Any friend who will be working a desk job can benefit from an organizer. It’s ideal for keeping clutter in check.

10. A Personalized Mug

Mugs are inexpensive and can make totally unique gifts. Find a service that allows you to print your own design and choose something different for each friend. For instance, you could use an inside joke, a few words of motivation, or a favourite photo from your time at university.

11. A Coffee Tumbler

For friends who need to drink their coffee on the go, a tumbler could be a better option than a mug. Search for a tumbler with a meaningful design, such as something related to the city where you’re studying or perhaps your university logo.

12. A Graduation Card

If you’re particularly strapped for cash and you have a large number of friends you want to congratulate, a card could be enough. Spend one weekend creating handmade cards for each friend or order some funny cards.
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Simple Student Decorating Ideas to Try

When you move into your new student apartment, it can take a while for the space to feel like it’s your own. This is especially likely to be the case if you’ve lived in the same house with your family for several years and had the chance to accumulate many things that express your personality. To start feeling at home at university sooner, try some of these simple decorating tips.

1. A Peg Board

If you find that your desk quickly becomes cluttered, a peg board may be a better alternative than shelves. You can hang up all sorts of small items within easy reach — it’s convenient and it adds to the aesthetics of your room.

2. Fairy Lights

Create ambience without making your room too bright with fairy lights. These are ideal to use with a desk lamp while studying, or on their own when you want to relax, listen to music, or hang out with friends.

3. LED Strips

You may prefer to use LED strips instead of fairy lights. They come in various colours as well as white and produce a completely different effect. For the best results, install them around the edge of a board.

4. A Star Projector

One more option for lighting is to set up a star projector. This is particularly ideal for your bedroom, as it will help you relax in the evening and fall asleep more easily.

5. Posters

Bare walls always look boring. Posters are an inexpensive way to display your interests and add some colour. You could find posters of your favourite albums, movies, or TV shows or even just with a design you like.

6. An Area Rug

Keep the floor warm and make it more visually appealing with an area rug. As long as the rug complements the rest of your decor reasonably well, you can use this as a chance to be adventurous: go bright, fluffy, or contemporary.

7. A Tapestry

You can be even more vibrant than with a rug by hanging a tapestry on your wall. Find a design you love and instantly transform the room.

8. Indoor Plants

Freshen the air in your apartment with a few indoor plants. It’s best to find some low-maintenance plants that will be easy to keep alive, especially if you’ve never cared for plants before.

9. Thrift Store Decor

Pick up some unique items for your apartment by checking out local thrift stores and garage sales. This is great for giving the space a vintage theme.

10. Photo Collages

Print out some of your best photos and stick them together as a collage. You may like to use pictures of friends from high school, hobbies, pets, or something else that reminds you of home.

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10 Careers with the Best Job Prospects in Canada

Even earning a university degree is no guarantee of a great job. However, you’ll increase your chances of steady employment if you enter a career that has excellent job prospects in Canada. Jobs in a variety of industries are in high demand now and are likely to continue to have good prospects in the future.

1. Human Resources Manager

You may think of human resources managers as being responsible for the hiring decisions at a company, but they actually do much more than this. In fact, they’re necessary in every industry for their role in coordinating the administration of organizations. To qualify for the top positions, you should continue your education to a master’s degree.

2. Web Developer

A career in web development can be whatever you make it. Whereas some web developers are self-employed, others work at businesses of all sizes, particularly in the computer systems industry. You may end up developing applications, creating or maintaining websites, or doing another type of programming.

3. Pharmacist

There are great prospects in almost all healthcare jobs, but a career as a pharmacist has to be near the top of the list. You’ll provide patients with medical advice, either while working at a hospital or in a drugstore — you could even establish your own pharmacy. To become a pharmacist, you’ll need to pass an exam after you obtain your degree and meet the specific requirements of your province.

4. Aerospace Engineer

It’s aerospace engineers who are behind the design and function of all aerospace vehicles and systems, including aircrafts, spacecrafts, and satellites. Not only is the aerospace industry growing in Canada, but many current workers are nearing retirement age, which opens up new positions.

5. Electrical Engineer

Another engineering career path that has great job prospects is as an electrical engineer. You could be responsible for designing, manufacturing, or testing electrical systems. Most of the work takes place in an office environment, but some jobs require you to visit equipment in the field.

6. Financial Advisor

If you have a head for numbers and you’re interested in investing, you could find a fruitful career as a financial advisor. Jobs are available at banks, where you will advise clients about the products your institution offers, or you can work on a freelance basis, helping individuals to manage their money.

7. Business Development Manager

For a role in business where you’re actively responsible for helping the company grow, consider a career as a business development manager. You’ll be working closely with the sales team, finding opportunities for sales executives and building relationships with potential clients. The best positions will become available when you have experience or if you earn a master’s degree.

8. Veterinarian

With more people becoming pet owners or expanding their families to include more animals, the demand for veterinarians is increasing. You’ll need to major in pre-veterinary study at university and then attend an accredited veterinary college. However, the few additional years of education this career requires should be worthwhile if you love animals and want to work with them every day.

9. Accountant

Accountants are critical for businesses and individuals who need support with their finances. Most accountants specialize in a particular area, such as auditing, payroll, or taxes. After you achieve your degree, you’ll find it invaluable to complete the certification to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

10. Registered Nurse

Nurses are the glue that hold the healthcare system together, but there’s currently a shortage in Canada that needs to be filled. As a registered nurse, you’ll be responsible for coordinating patient care and educating the public about health.

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